United States Homeless Facts
  • 3.5 million Americans experience homelessness in a given year

  • 578,424 men, women, and children are homeless each night in this nation

  • 2.5 million of the homeless are children

  • 51% of children who are homeless are under the age of 5

  • Families with children (as opposed to single homeless people) make up about 37% of the homeless population

  • 63% of the homeless population are single
    • Single men comprise 51%
    • Single women about 17%
    • Unaccompanied children about 2%

  • Homeless Veterans
    • 9% of the male homeless population is veterans
    • Female veterans are the fastest-growing segment of the homeless population

  • About 20% of homeless have severe mental illness

  • About 20% of the homeless suffer from some form of drug or alcohol abuse
**Sources: 2013 AHAR, 2014 HUD PIT count data, and American Institutes for Research’s America’s Youngest Outcasts, 2014
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